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From Our Gardens to Your Home

Herbal Soaps and more

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Herbal Soaps
Hummingbird Herbal Soaps are made from scratch, here in our kitchen.
Our recipes are designed to give you a soap that lathers well,
is long lasting and doesn't dry your skin.

After Dinner Mint Soap
After Dinner Mint
Brisk with peppermint and a hint
of chocolate, this refreshing soap
is a family favorite!
$4.00 each

Bay Rum Soap
Bay Rum
The men in your life will love
this old fashioned fragrance.
$4.00 each

Wild Maine Blueberry Honey Soap
Blueberry Honey
Wild Maine Bluebery Honey
for bubbly lather. Ground blueberry
seeds make our "scrubbiest" soap.

$4.00 each    

Castile Soap
Very mildest of soaps. Made with olive
oil, oatmeal and a touch of coconut oil
for lather. No added scent or color.
$4.00 each

Gingerbread Soap
Gingerbread Men. Gingerbread Houses.
And now Gingerbread Soap!
$4.00 each

Kitchen Soap
Made with coffee and great at
removing smells from your hands!
$4.00 each

Lavender Buttermilk
Ground lavender, lavender essential oil
and local buttermilk. Soothing for your
skin and your nose!
$4.00 each

Lemon Lyric
Lemon Lyric Soap
Lemon verbena and essential oils capture
the elusive lemon scent! Buttermilk makes
this soap luxurious.
$4.00 each    

maple syrup soap
Maine Maple Syrup
Made with our own Maple Syrup for
exceptional scent and lather. Not
sticky, just lots of bubbles!
$4.00 each  
Out of stock.
Patchouli lovers rejoice! Made with real
essential oil, not the cheap synthetic.
Peace and Love!
$4.00 each

Ground Oatmeal for your skin, a touch of
cream for a rich lather, dripping with
juicy peach fragrance!
$4.00 each

Pink Grapefruit
Pink Grapefruit
Sparklingly fresh! The rose clay that colors
this soap also provides "slip", making this
a fine shaving soap.
$4.00 each

Out of stock.
Pumpkin Harvest
Warm and spicy, Pumpkin Harvest soap
evokes falling leaves, holiday tables
and warm wood fires.
$4.00 each

Rosemary Buttermilk
The bracing smell of fresh rosemary
is a great morning-starter! Ground
rosemary added for extra scrub!
$4.00 each
Out of Stock
splash of sunshine soap
Splash of Sunshine
Happy, citrus-herbal scent adds cheer to your day! Colored with calendula petals and scented with essential oils.
$4.00 each
Out of stock.
Maine spruce soap
Spruce Forest
Smells like the Great Maine Woods! A terrific
choice for the men in your life - this soap
doesn't smell "girly"!
$4.00 each
Out of stock.
Beer Soap
Suds 'N Soap
Made with dark beer - yes, beer - for a rich and luxurious lather! Vanilla and sandalwood fragrance.
$4.00 each
Out of stock.
Tropical Vacation
Tropical Vacation
Just what you need as winter approaches.
Fragrant with mango and papaya.
An instant get-away!
$4.00 each

White Tea and Ginger
White Tea and Ginger
Exotic and alluring, White Tea and Ginger
Soap lifts your day far out of the ordinary.
$4.00 each
Out of stock.

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