Herbal Tea Recipes


Of course, straight mint or mint and chamomile are the best known of herb teas, but there are as many others as you have imagination! Some folks like teas made from basil, others prefer mixed herbs. Feel free to experiment!

You can make herb teas in the traditional way, steeping them in boiling water for several minutes. Many also make terrific Sun Tea. Simply place herbs (1 cup dry or 3 to 4 cups fresh) in a gallon glass jar, cover with water and place in the sun for a few hours. Strain, sweeten to taste and enjoy!

You can grow your own Stevia to sweeten those teas, as well!

  • A simple mix of lemon verbena and a little bit of lavender.
    1 cup lemon verbena leaves
    3 tbs lavender flowers

  • A blend to ease your stomach, with peppermint and fennel
    8 oz peppermint leaves
    8 oz lemon balm leaves
    8 oz fennel seeds

  • The flavors of the sage and lemon blend nicely.
    1/2 oz fresh sage leaves
    1 oz fine sugar
    1/4 oz grated lemon rind
    Juice from one lemon

  • A soothing mix of catnip, chamomile, lemon balm and other herbs.
    1/2 cup dried catnip
    3/4 cup dried chamomile
    1 cup dried lemon balm
    1/4 cup dried mint
    1/4 cup dried lemongrass

    For ideas on using herbs, see our Herbal Vinegar, Pesto, Recipes and Preserving Herbs pages.

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