Surprising Savory

We were introduced to Summer Savory when a good friend asked us to grow some for her. She had been visiting family in Prince Edward Island and they had used it in cooking. So we grew it for the first time in 2011 and fell in love!

Summer Savory in an annual herb and, as a seedling, it is most unimpressive! Thin stemmed and spindly, we were dismayed at first. Luckily, savory is a bit like the Ugly Duckling and it grows up to be quite a plant! We grow it in large pots, where it won't be overrun by stronger plants early in its life and it produces oodles of tiny green leaves.

It requires full sun and modest amounts of water and does best with occasional fertilizer. Insects and diseases haven't been a problem and even the cats leave it alone!

Savory's fresh leaves are so tiny that we use them whole in summer dishes. We cut it back by two-thirds several times a summer to dry as well. Dried leaves are stripped from the stems and ground in a coffee grinder. The ground savory goes into a spice jar, close to the stove, where we use it frequently!

And where, you ask, do you use it? The answer is, almost anywhere! (Well, not in our oatmeal...) Savory's flavor is all its own, but we use it in much the same way you might use sage, rosemary or thyme. We add it to soups, gravy, chicken dishes and scrambled eggs. It is good in casseroles, added to stir fries and more!

Along with sage and thyme, savory is a major ingredient in poultry seasoning.

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