Outstanding Oregano


Oregano is a hardy perennial herb, part of the very large mint family and closely related to marjoram. It grows in sun in reasonably fertile, well drained soil. Oregano doesn't like wet feet!
Harvest your oregano early and often. It can be cut when 6 inches tall
- harvest all the way back to lowest set of leaves.
Oregano dries well - some folks think the flavor is stronger when dried. Most often thought of as the classic "pizza" herb, oregano goes well with anything with tomato sauce and is essential in spaghetti sauce. Use it in chili, on grilled meats and roasted vegetables, in eggs and anywhere you use feta cheese.

Greek Oregano has small green leaves and grows a foot or so tall. This is an aggressive plant and will spread in your herb garden if you don't keep it in check. See our Mint page for tips on controlling vigorous herbs.


Golden Oregano has yellow leaves that turn gray-green when dried. Golden Oregano tastes like Greek, but is much better behaved in the garden. One plant will grow to the size of a beach ball and two or three will provide all the oregano you'd ever need.

Hot & Spicy Oregano is very low-growing. If you want it really hot, we recommend growing it in full sun and keeping it quite dry.


Just how hot is Hot & Spicy Oregano? Opinions vary! We don't eat HOT food, so we can't say. However, reactions from our customers have ranged from, "Oh, it has nice flavor." to "Call your lawyer; I'm going to sue for pain and suffering." And everything in between.

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