The Kivistik Clematis Collection

The Kivistik Collection consists of clematis bred by Uno and Aili Kivistik at Roogoja Farm in Estonia between 1974 and Mr. Kivistik's death in 1998. Roogoja Farm is the northernmost breeding location for clematis in the world and the Kivistik's goal was to breed super hardy clematis that bloom on new wood. The Kivistik clematis are all quite short, rarely over 6 feet tall, and are suitable for growing in the ground or in containers. Add to that their beautiful, prolific blooms and you have an unforgettable group of plants.

For more information on Kivistik Clematis, visit the web site
for Roogoja Farm in Estonia.

And where, exactly, is Estonia? Great question!

Kivistik clematis bred in Estonia

Notice how close Estonia is to the Arctic Circle - now that's cold!
Kivistik clematis are hardy to at least Zone 3.

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