Herb Recipes from the Farmers Market

Recipes from the 2013 Lewiston Farmers Market

During 2013, our customers at the Lewiston
Farmers Market sampled a number of recipes
that featured fresh herbs. These recipes all
had four things in common:

  • they used just a few ingredients
  • they were simple to make
  • they used easy-to-grow herbs
  • they were a snap to serve.

    In addition, several used delicious but little-known
    herbs, giving folks a chance to try something new!

    Disclaimer: Cooking at Hummingbird Farm is rather seat-of-the-pants. Our philosophy is you ought to use what tastes good to you, so you won't find many 1/8 teaspoon measurements in our recipes. And in the places where we do give measurements, use them as a starting point and feel free to change them if you wish! And many of these recipes (especially the oil, jelly and butter) work with other herbs as well - try basil jelly or rosemary oil!


    Banana Mint and Melon
    Mix 1/4 cup of lemon juice and 1/4 sugar. Add 2 tablespoons finely chopped banana mint. Pour over cantaloupe or honeydew melon. This makes enough syrup to do a large melon. This was the most popular recipe we served in 2013!

    Hot & Spicy Oregano Olive Oil
    Loosely fill a microwave-safe container with thoroughly washed Hot & Spicy Oregano. (I use a pint canning jar.) Cover with olive oil and microwave until the container is warm to the touch. The length of time will depend on the size of your container and the wattage of your microwave. Let stand at room temperature for no more than an hour, then strain through a coffee filter. Refrigerate the oil until you want to use it. The oil will solidify, but will quickly return to a liquid state at room temperature. Use the refrigerated oil within a month.

    Using your herbal oil:

    • We served it at the market as a dip for crusty bread.
    • Use it when you sauté meat or vegetables.
    • Drizzle a little over vegetable before you roast them.

    Pineapple Mint Sun Tea
    Place six tea bags in a gallon glass jar. Carefully wash 6-8 stems of pineapple mint and crush them with your hands or a rolling pin. Place in the jar and cover with cold water. Place the jar in the sun for 4-8 hours. Strain through a colander or a coffee filter to remove tea bags and mint. Refrigerate and serve when cold. If you prefer a sweeter tea, you can add 1-2 sprigs of stevia to the jar.

    Rosemary Butter
    Soften a stick of salted butter at room temperature. Add a tablespoon or so of finely chopped rosemary and mix it all together. Simplicity itself!


    Chicken Salad with Summer Savory
    You'll need cooked chicken for this recipe; you can use leftovers or poach chicken especially for this recipe. We used chicken from Wrinkle in Thyme Farm, purchased at the market. Dice the chicken into 1/2 inch pieces and add enough mayonnaise to suit. (The correct amount is hotly debated at our house!) Add salt to taste and then finely chop summer savory leaves over it all. How much summer savory? As much as you like - start with a small amount and taste it as you go, adding more until you think there's enough. I use a lot - probably close to a tablespoon per cup of salad. How popular was this dish? Well, several market-goers asked if we had any to sell!

    Sage Apple Jelly
    Make apple jelly according to your favorite recipe (or use this one.) While the juice is boiling, add 3-4 sprigs of sage. Remove them before bottling the jelly. Don't want to make apple jelly? You can experiment with purchased apple jelly - simply melt it very slowly, swirl sprigs of sage in the melted jelly, remove the sage and let the jelly solidify again. You can use sage jelly just as you would any jelly - our favorite method is to serve it on a toasted or grilled English muffin with a slice of sharp cheese. Yum!!

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