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Here are all the details:
We are able to ship to US addresses only.
We are unable to ship mint plants to
Idaho, Minnesota, Nevada, Utah and Wyoming.
We are unable to ship chive and garlic chive
plants to Idaho, Nevada and Washington.
We are unable to ship calendula plants to
Nevada, Oregon, Texas, Utah and Washington.

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Shipping Update:
This week's schedule is full, so orders placed through
May 22 will ship during the week of May 23rd.
Thanks for your patience!
Orders containing basil may ship later, as basil is very cold sensitive. Have a preferred shipping date? Let us know in the "instructions" section of your order!

All herbs are $5.00 per pot.
  • Shipping Charges: All plants will be sent United States Flat Rate Priority Mail. We can fit up to six plants in a box and it costs $12.35 to ship one box. That means it costs $12.35 to ship 1 to 6 plants, $24.70 to ship 7 to 12 and so on.

  • Sales tax: Maine residents only will be charged 5.5% sales tax.

  • Carrier: We ship via United States Postal Service Flat Rate Priority Mail. Delivery usually takes 2 to 3 days, although on rare occasions it can take four days. If your shipment contains multiple packages, they may not arrive on the same day. Sorry, but once they leave our hands, we have no control over the Postal Service!

    Please! We ship through the US Mail!
    We MUST have your mailing address!

  • Shipping Schedule: We ship on Tuesday and Wednesday, to make sure your plants can reach you before the weekend. We have found that it takes three days for plants to reach the far corners of the country, so we will ship those orders only on Tuesdays.

  • Size: We ship large herbs in three inch pots. In some cases, we may have to cut the plants back so they will fit in the box, but we will not remove any more of the leaves than absolutely necessary.

  • Bare Roots Plants: All states west of the Mississippi River require us to ship all plants bare root. What does that mean? We remove all soil from the root system, wash it in clean water and repack the plants in damp peat moss. Yes, it sounds scary, but we've been doing this for several years and have found the plants aren't bothered a bit.

  • Questions? If you have questions not covered on the web site, feel free to e-mail us at hummingbird@megalink.net.

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