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Interested in herbs? Want to know how to grow your first herb garden? Need help picking the right herb plants? From sun and shade requirements to a list of herbs that can spread too much to the best way to plant lavender for winter survival, we can help.

Planning and Planting Your Herb Garden
Choosing the Herbs for Your Herb Garden
A Discussion of Lemon Herbs

Awesome Angelica
Basil Basics
Delightful Dill
Luscious Lavender
Outstanding Oregano
Marvelous Mint

Refreshing Rosemary
Sumptuous Sage
Surprising Savory
Stimulating Sorrel
Sweet, Sweet Stevia
Thyme for You!

What to do with all those herbs once you've grown them? Use them lavishly! Add them to your meals, make pesto, tea and herbal vinegars - and preserve some for colder days!


Recipes Using Herbs From Your Garden
Recipes from the Farmers Market
Eight Ideas for Using Rosemary
Ten Tasty Things to do With Basil
Pesto and Variations
Herbal Tea
Making Your Own Herbal Vinegars
Preserving Herbs

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The Varieties We Offer

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Mailorder Herb Details

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Herb Society of America
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