Clematis for the Frozen North!
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Updated 05/08/2017


The "Queen of Flowering Vines" comes in more sizes, shapes, and colors than you ever imagined! Hummingbird Farm provides you with the widest possible selection of strong, healthy plants AND the information and tools to suceed with these elegant beauties!

Planting and Pruning Clematis

Clematis Planting Instructions

The Frozen North Pruning System

Pruning Shears

Spring Cleaning: Pruning and Fertilizing Clematis

Supporting the Habit:
How to Help Your Clematis Grow Straight and True

Pests and Diseases

Plant Clematis in the Fall

Choosing Your Clematis

Picking the Clematis That's Right for You!

Toughest Clematis on Earth?

Clematis and Color

Places to Plant Your Clematis

Planting Clematis on Shrubs

Growing Clematis in Containers

Blowin' in the Wind:
Growing Clematis in Windy Areas

Got Shade??

Adventures With Clematis

Advanced Clematis Pruning:
Beyond the Basics

Clematis as Cut Flowers

The Horror of it All!
Transplanting Mature Clematis

Is It Dead Yet?
Figuring Out If There's
Life In The Old Girl Yet

Frequently Asked Questions

Shopping and Services

The Varieties We Offer

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know:
Mailorder Clematis Details

How we Package Your Clematis

Garden Watchdog Reviews!

Speaking and Garden Tours

Other Resources

Clematis on the Web

International Clematis Society

Howells on Clematis

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